Potter Club Member Directory

We have a database of members that numbers more than 900 names.  More names are being added as we go through the yearbooks and find pictures of members who didn't graduate, and members in the yearbooks missed by the system used by the University for identifying members.  We have also turned up missing members from someone's observation that a known member was missing from the list, and his location was known to the observer.

We can supply you with the entire list in HTML format, or we can give you a listing in PDF format for any set of years, such as 1949-1952.  If you are interested in a list, send an email to the webmaster and we will send the list by email.

We are prepared to put the entire database online live so that you could search the information at your pleasure.  However, there are privacy issues that must be addressed.  We need to know from each of you how much of the information we have on you that you are willing to share on the Internet.  We may have to limit published information to just the fields on which everyone is in agreement about releasing.  This would seem to be at least:  Name, Class, City, and State.  Phone number might be added if not an unlisted number.  What about email?

If you have suggestions about how to deal with the privacy issue please send your thoughts to any of the Committee members listed, or to the webmaster.

At the Banquet we will distribute a CD with the full information for each member along with their yearbook photo and a recent photo, if one has been provided.  Copies of the CD will also be mailed to members who responded to our earlier mailing, expressing regrets about being unable to attend the banquet.

2010  Potter Club Alumni Association Complete Membership List:  Following up on the discussion above, a list has been created from the reconciliation between the Potter Club Alumni Association Membership Database and the UAlbany Alumni Membership Directory (which you can access on line at the University web site).  Our list now contains 958 names of men known to have been members of the Club.  Two of these wish not to have their names listed.  We have a few feelers out trying to reconcile some doubtful records, and have had several successes.  You can view the complete list (less the 2) posted in a PDF format by clicking on the link below.  If you have difficulty accessing the list, or cannot get to it on your Internet hookup, contact me for a paper copy. 

2017 Potter Club Alumni Association Complete Membership List Updated, 09/08/2017  Continue to check Home Page and Deceased Members list for latest changes.

2019 Potter Club Alumni Association Complete Membership List Updated, 04/27/2019  Continue to check Home Page and Deceased Members list for latest changes.
          We are pursuing a means by which membership data and web site can be posted on the UAlbany site.  Stay tuned for more information.

2020 Potter Club Alumni Association Complete Membership List Updated, 06/03/2020  Continue to check the Home Page and Deceased Members for latest changes.
The latest list contains 960 names.  This is in contrast to 874 names showing in the UAlbany Online Directory, Advanced Search (Potter Club) list.  We are trying to resolve the discrepancy and get both lists in sync with each other.  Some members we list did not graduate from Albany, but we have identified them as members through documentation from the respective eras.  In some cases the UAlbany list reflects this, but in other cases such names are not included.  Inexplicably some present members who show up in a standard search of the Online Directory do not show up in the Advanced Search list

If you seek more information about any member contact me with your request.

Potter Membership List as of 06/03/2020: