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November 15, 2012: Bill and Vee Lindberg are back in New York State.  See address changes for more info.

November 7, 2012:  In memoriam:  Donald Canonica, `55, passed away July 3, 2011.  John Orser, `55, forwarded the info to us.  Don's wife, Genevieve, had informed the Alumni Office.  No obituary available.

October 19, 2012:  Potter Club Albany Luncheon, 10/17/12:  11 attending, including: Carlton Coulter, `35; Ken Doran, `39; Gene McLaren, `45; Bob Umholtz, `51; Milan Krchniak, `53; Jim Panton, `53; Paul Ward, `53; Jack Higham, `57; Fred Culbert, `65; John Schneider, `65; and Doug Davis, `69. 
See photos in the Photo Gallery, Albany Luncheon Album. 

Bob Umholtz reported that additional donations arrived bringing the new total to $3719.57.  The latest donations came from: Harold Smith, `53; Bob DeMichiell, `55; and Pat Pearson, `65.

The next Albany Luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, April 17, 2013.  If you are not on the luncheon mailing list, but would like to be included, send a note expressing your wish.

October 3, 2012:  Potter Albany Luncheon set for October 17 in Latham.  The word has gone out... The next luncheon will be Wednesday, October 17, at the 76 Diner in Latham, NY.  Let Milan or Claude know if you plan to attend.

August 14, 2012:  Another missing EEP checks in.  Charles "Mike" Drexel, 1968, Hampton Bays, NY, found us.  Check the Address changes for more info.

July 28, 2012:
  Word from the Egerts through Louise that Herb has just returned home after a lengthy hospital stay.  He now has the services of an aide 24/7.  You can reach them at 631-477-1273 and at PO Box 296 East Marion, NY 11939.  This info came to Bob U. and was relayed by Paul and Milan.

Check Address Changes link at the left for recent changes in mail or email info.  Currently listed are: Bayer, La Marca, and Sweet.

July 21, 2012: Donations Have Arrived!!  Bob Umholtz reports he has received donations (very generous donations) from 51 Pottermen for a total of $3,519.57.  This places the bank account in very good order with a balance of $4164.25.  We expect this should last several years.  A big thank you to all donors.  Those giving include, by Class year:
1935: Carl Coulter; 1936: Richard Margison; 1939: Ken Doran; 1945: Eugene McLaren; 1949: Joe Zanchelli; 1950: Ben Jackson; 1951: Ken Ludlum; Bob Umholtz; Dave Wetherby; 1952: Joe Dolan; Frank Ioele; Tom Singleton; 1953: Herb Egert; Carroll Judd; Milan Krchniak; Joe McCormack; Jim Panton; Paul Ward; Art Weigand; 1954: Jim Finnen; Gerry Holzman; Lynn Lewis; Charlie Lusk; Pete McManus; Sven Sloth; George Wood; 1955: De Combs; Bob Sage; 1956: Jim Sweet; 1957: Bernie McEvoy; Jim Morrissey; Bernie Robbins; 1958 Ross Dailey; Ron Graves; 1959 Dick Herodes; Dick Willis; 1960: Doug Penfield; 1961: Ray Shipman; 1962: Bob Dzikowicz; Carl Herman; Dan Schultz; 1963: Gary Penfield; 1964: Bob Fairbanks; 1966: Dave Sully; 1967: Dick Szymanski; 1968: Grant Downs; Eric Fogelgaren; Vince Mauriello; 1969: Doug Davis; 1971: Kris Jackstadt; 1976: Bob Vatalaro.

May 16, 2012:  Potter Club Albany Luncheon, 10 attending, Gene McLaren, `45; Bob Umholtz, `51; Milan Krchniak, `53; Jim Panton, `53; Paul Ward, `53; Pete McManus, `54; Jack Higham, `57;  Anton Salecker, `66; Gerry Leggieri, `68; Doug Davis, `69.  See photos in the Photo Gallery, Albany Luncheons Album.

Donations Needed: Bob Umholtz and Paul Ward reported the status of the Potter Treasury.  It is now low after the expenses of the 80th Anniversary Reunion.  A small donation is requested from you now so we can restore a working balance to keep communications going (mailings, web site, etc.) and provide seed money for any future regional reunion planning, We have been able to operate our activities with donations made by Potter Alumni the only time we made such a request, excluding the campaign for the Potter Room refurbishing project, about 7 years ago when the Survey results indicated a preference for occasional donations.  A message by email and letter (to those without email) will be sent soon with details for sending your donation.  Look for it.

In Memoriam: Stanley W. Gipp, `48, passed away 06/02/2009.  This reported by Gene McLaren at luncheon.  The obituary follows:

Stanley W. Gipp 1923 - 2009 PORT CHARLOTTE, FL Stanley W. Gipp, 85, of Port Charlotte, Fla., passed away Tuesday, June 2, 2009, husband of the late beloved E. Eleanor Merritt Gipp. He was born in Tonawanda, N.Y., on Dec. 19, 1923, to Stanley L. Gipp and Margaret B. Chase Gipp, where he lived until his marriage July 9, 1949. Eleanor and he spent periods in residence on Long Island, N.Y., in Redding, Conn., and Chester Springs, Pa., spending parts of 18 retirement winters on the Florida west coast. Stan earned a B.A. degree in math/science and an M.A. degree in education/administration from Albany State Teachers College (now SUNY) between 1941 and 1948 including a three year interruption for Naval Reserve service. He was commissioned at Northwestern Midshipman School (Chicago) and served as a communications and deck officer aboard the USS Patroclus, an amphibious repair ship in the Pacific Theater from Saipan to Tokyo, where the ship was present at the signing of the peace. After three years teaching high school math and science, he left for a position with the Sperry Corporation where, over a 35 year period, he performed pioneer work in new fields including statistical quality control, computer systems design (UNIVAC I) and computer auditing, holding management positions in each field with international responsibilities in the later two. In the early years at Sperry, he taught evening courses at Hofstra College and NYU. He was a team manager and president of Jericho, L.I. Little League for two years, was a board member of the Phoenixville Area Child Learning Center, delivered Meals-on-Wheels in the Phoenixville area, established the CHORE (Community Home Owners Repair Effort) in Phoenixville, and was active in the First Presbyterian Church of Phoenixville as clerk of session. Member of various committees and designed and maintained computer systems to support church operations and reporting requirements. He leaves two children, Gregg T. Gipp of Huntingdon Valley, Pa., and Wendy S. Gipp of Williamstown, Mass., three grandchildren, Gregg Gipp, Jr., Emma and Samantha Whittum and a sister Jean Olmstead of Grand Island, N.Y. Arrangements by National Cremation Society of Port Charlotte Florida.  Obituary in The Berkshire Eagle, June 4, 2009.

May 5, 2012:  Potter Albany Luncheon set for May 16 in Latham.  The word has gone out... The next luncheon will be Wednesday, May 16, at the 76 Diner in Latham, NY.  Let Milan or Claude know if you plan to attend.

Potter Rail shut down.  Due to a lack of use The Potter Rail has been discontinued.  The link at the left will remain for a while to fill you in, but will eventually be removed, too.  If you have news you want to share send it here, as usual.

April 20, 2012:  Snow Birds Back from the South to the Snow-less North?
Welcome back to the "unfrozen" North!  For those who stayed... Wasn't this unusual and enjoyable?!

A couple of address/email changes have come in.  See the Address Changes link at the left for more.

February 18, 2012:  More Lost EEPS Found!!  Fred Culbert has been busy "sleuthing" for members of the 1965 era, and some WhitePages searches have helped us find others.
Alfred "Al" Gerstman, 1953, lives in Mountaindale, NY, winters in Boynton Beach, FL.  Phone in FL is 561-369-2010.
Michael Gimigliano, 1965, lives in Butler, PA.  Email is:
Thomas Flanagan, 1965, lives in Patchogue, NY  Email is:  
All of them are updating info for our records.

If you know the whereabouts of any Pottermen listed in the Lost EEPs list in the link at the left, please forward the info to us, or have them contact us. Our goal is to reduce this list to zero names.

January 30, 2012:  We have completed a second cross check of our membership database with the latest from the UAlbany Alumni Association following their campaign to update their records in preparation for the latest edition of the UAlbany Alumni Directory.  There are still a couple of discrepancies to resolve between the two, and when that is complete an updated abbreviated Potter Club membership directory will be published to this web site at the link to the left. 

However, in the process of the cross check we identified several Potter members who are now known to be deceased.  A complete up to date list of Potter Deceased, now numbering 278, can be viewed through the In Memoriam link at the left.

In Memoriam:  One deceased Potter man from among the recently identified is R. (Riley) Clay Sprowls, 1942.  Dr. Sprowls died Tuesday, July  12, 2011.  He had responded to our initial survey of interest in the 80th Anniversary Potter Club Reunion with the following regret, "I am unable to attend, confined to wheelchair, don't travel anymore."  His passing occurred shortly afterward.  The obituary and extensive write up of his lifetime appears in the UCLA Anderson School of Management web site which can be viewed at:   The date of his death was found elsewhere.

January 10, 2012: In Memoriam:
Martin (aka "Newt" or Mike) Owens, Class of 1956. November 14, 2010. 
(Reported by Ben Jackson.  No obit available.  Owens, originally from Troy, was at Albany in late 40s, graduating in 1956.)

Nicholas W. Conte, 61, died at home Friday, December 30, 2011. (Obit supplied by Paul Ward)
Born in Utica, he was the son of the late Francis Joseph and Ann Marchetta Conte. Mr. Conte was a guidance counselor at Albany High School, retiring in 2007. He was a graduate of SUNY Albany, 1972, where he was a member of the Edward E. Potter Club Fraternity and played on the varsity football team. Nicholas belonged to the Capital District Counselor Association, and was an avid sports fan. He was the father of Joseph P. Conte and Kerry E. Conte; former husband of Jean Hobbs Conte; brother of Mary T. Conte (Deena Pers).

UAlb preparing latest issue of Alumni Magazine:  An article will appear chronicling the Potter Club  80th Anniversary Reunion.  Watch for it in the Spring.