Archived News for 2006
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Aug 20 - You may have seen the announcement in the news recently of the untimely death, August 13, of UAlbany President, Dr. Kermit L. Hall.  Our sincere condolences go out to his family and to the University Community.  You can see more about Dr. Hall at the following link:

We have added a caption for the group picture under the 2006 Reunion photos.  The technique was developed and provided by Paul Bullock, `51.  Use the link at the left to get to the photos.

July 29 -  Pictures are ready.  Click on Reunion 06 Photos and Info link at the left, then go to Photo album and click again.

The 75th Anniversary Reunion Souvenir Program with Membership Directory on CD and Candles have been mailed to  Pottermen unable to attend the reunion, and who sent regrets.  If you didn't get your souvenir, let me know.

June 4 -  The 75th Anniversary Reunion is History!  See the final attendance  and regrets lists at the Reunion 06 Info link at the left.   A great turn out...

Wednesday, 05/31:  A great time at the Welcome Reception.  Good Food!  Lots of opportunities to great old friends and meet many new ones.  UAlbany President, Kermit Hall, joined us and greeted us with some remarks. 

Thursday, 06/01:  Rain held off... great tour of Albany on the Aqua Ducks; great lunch at the University Club, and a great tour of the Albany Institute of History and Art. 

The banquet setting was very special.  Our hats off to the Best Western Sovereign for  beautiful decorations, and Good Food!  Geoff Williams, UAlbany Archivist, gave a retrospective of NYSCT; Pottermen got reinitiated, sang the Potter Song again after so many years, and got a glimpse of the contents of the CD containing the complete Potter Club Alumni Association membership.  The CD and votive candles were favors received by all EEPs, All guests also received the candles.  (See the complete banquet program at the Reunion 06 Info link.)  All Pottermen responding to the January letter with their regrets will receive the two favors and the Reunion Banquet Program in the mail.

A professional photographer took pictures of everyone attending the banquet, and took a group picture of all Pottermen after the dinner.  We will have these pictures on the web site once we receive them.  If you took pictures that you can get to us, either in digital or paper form, we will include them in an album of photos on the web site under the Reunion 06 Info link.  Keep looking for this information in the coming weeks.

The Potter Club Alumni Association honored me with a plaque and a check for $250.  The plaque reads:  "Jack Higham  - In Recognition of His Outstanding Service to the Edward Eldred Potter Club Association - June 1, 2006"  I regret I failed to open the envelope containing the card and check until after receiving the plaque, so I didn't properly acknowledge the money.  My thanks to everyone for this wonderful gesture.  You can see the card I received in the Reunion 06 Info link.

Friday, 06/02:  Many Pottermen and spouses toured 415 State Street, now known as the Malcolm Wilson Building.  This building and the adjacent building at 411 State Street now house the Rockefeller Institute of Government.  411 State Street was recognized with a historic building preservation award in 1983.  The interior of 415 State, while having been changed from its 50s appearance, was still quite recognizable to the EEP tourists, and is stunning.  Our thanks to the Institute for allowing us to walk through their offices on a business day!

We received several spontaneous donations of money "for the good of the order" during the course of the time registrations were being received.   Nine Pottermen and one spouse of a deceased Pottermen donated  a total of $455.  Our thanks to these people for their generosity.  They are:  Ben Jackson, 1950; Arthur Batty, 1952; Marie Burns, wife of Don Burns, 1953; J. Paul Ward, 1953; Gerald Holzman, 1954; Arthur Strassle, 1960; James Greene, 1962; Wayne Arthurton, 1964; Rex Ruthman, 1964; and Don Kisiel, 1966.  A letter will go to each expressing our appreciation.

May 30 -   Last word before we depart for Albany.  See the latest numbers under Reunion 06 Info link at the left.  More addresses and phone numbers uncovered by Ron Graves, including Bob Bosomworth, Jack Tate, and Fran Nencetti, all 1958.  Ron says he is hot on the trail for Harry Millett, also 1958.  Good hunting, Ron!

Two more regrets received from Hank Maus, 1962, and via Hank, from Dan Schultz, 1962.  See the total regrets list also under the Reunion 06 Info link.

May 26 - The beginning of the holiday weekend, and we are concluding preparations for the Reunion.  The CD of the Potter Club Directory has been received, the banquet program is printed, table tent signs are done, lists and other handouts are ready... In short we are about ready to fly!

Today we received a proclamation from the UAlbany President, Kermit Hall, congratulating Potter Club Alumni Association on its 75th anniversary.  You can read the proclamation at the Reunion06 link at the left.  Copies will be available at the reunion.  President Hall will address the Reunion Attendees at the opening Welcome Social on Wednesday evening.  The Schedule of Events has been updated, accordingly.

Another Potter Club President from the past has checked in and will attend the reunion.  John Schneider, 1965, contacted us today.

May 24 -   Newly revised Schedule of Events for the Reunion now on the web site.  No major changes, but some important rehearsals listed for those to be involved.

Potter paraphernalia order is in.   Items will be distributed at the reunion.  Those to receive orders by mail will be sent the items along with memorabilia from the Reunion immediately after the reunion.  Late orders will be ready by then, too.

May 19 -  Twelve days left before we descend on Albany for a party!  The registration count is up to 71 members with a grand total of 125 as of today.  We expect a few more late entries.  If you have not registered, yet,  or know of someone who might still attend and has not registered, contact us immediately, and have them call or email us.  A final count will be given to the hotel early next week.  After that could be disappointment for someone not already registered.

One cancellation received from John Rookwood, 1957, due to family illness.

The CD of our complete Potter Club Alumni Membership Directory is being duplicated in time for the banquet.  Check the link at the left for more about the CD.  We have received updates from several, such as the one below, since the master went to the company this week.  Plans will be made for updating the  information to keep your Directory current.

We located the family of one of our past presidents, now deceased.  Andrew D. Rossetti, 1950, passed away in 1988, having been District Superintendent of Madison-Oneida BOCES, Verona, NY.  After retiring in 1984, he had become an adjunct professor at Syracuse U. in the Office of Professional Development.  His wife, Lillian, sends regards to all Pottermen. 

And, Don Kisiel, 1966, sent a note that his uncle, Walt Schick, 1948, also a Potterman, died 04/03/2002.  Walt's wife, Helen Kisiel Schick, Albany 1948, was President of Psi Gamma.

May 14 -   More promises by email from members intending to come to the reunion.  As soon as the data is in we will add them to the list.  Ron Graves, President, 1958,  himself missing until recently, found Tom Garno, 1959.  As soon as we hear from Tom, we'll pass that on to you.

We received notices of the recent passing of two Pottermen.  Our condolences go out to the families.

HERBERT GINSBURG   Age 77, of Squirrel Hill, PA, died Wednesday, March 22, 2006. Beloved husband of Elizabeth Locker; loving father of Seth, Dan and Deborah; grandfather of Jeremy, Jonathan and George. A memorial service will be held at 11:00 am on Thursday, March 30 at Weinberg Terrace, 5757 Bartlett St., Pittsburgh., PA 15217. Memorial contributions may be to the Weinberg Terrace. Arrangements by BURTON L. HIRSCH FUNERAL HOME, INC., 412-521-2600.  Herb was Potter Club, 1950.  Thanks to Paul Bullock, 1951, for providing the information to us.

Former Potterman, Ed Friedman, passed away Thursday, May 11, 2006 as a consequence of colon cancer surgery. He was a member around 1963-1964 before he transferred to an optometrist school in Philadelphia. He had a long-standing Optometry practice in Manhattan. He is survived by his wife, the former Vicki Fox, a Gamma Kappa Phi alumnus, and two daughters, Alison and Jillian. A memorial is tentatively planned for Thursday evening, May 25, 2006 at the Friends Meeting House on 15th Street, New York, NY.
Ed was Potter Club, 1968.  Thanks to Don Kisiel, 1966, for providing the information to us.

[N.B.:  If you become aware of the passing of any Potter member, please let us know so we can post the information and update the membership database.  JH]

Check out new links at the left.

May 12 -  More registrations, a couple of regrets.  Another member found:  Larry Gunderman, `61, (thanks to Super Sleuth, Bobby Warn, `61); also checking in: Fred Culbert, `65, (will attend); Peter Schroeck, `65, (will attend); Terry Dean, `65, (regrets); Al Ciejka and Richard Moore, both `63, thanks to Bob Downey, `63.  Ken Haser, `40, now able to attend, traveling to reunion with Norm Arnold, `40 and Al Kaehn, `51.

You will note another new link has been activated at the left for the Potter Club Song.  Try it and let us know how it works out for you.

May 8 -     A few more registrations, either in hand or promised by phone, and a few more regrets.  See the respective lists for the most current names.  Another member found, Frank Shannon, 1958.  He and his wife, Bonnie, hope to attend some of the functions.

See the latest pictures of Potter Houses, and the unfolding saga of where we lived.

May 6 -  A great article about Potter Club appeared in the just released UAlbany magazine.  Many thanks to:  Milan Krchniak, Bob Lanni, Bob Umholtz, Bernie McEvoy, and Paul Ward for their efforts to make this article possible. 

As a result of the article we have received several calls and emails from missing Pottermen who saw the article and contacted us.  Howard Smith, 1971, checked in.  Turns out he was coached in high school basketball by Ron Graves, 1958.  Neither knew the other was involved in Potter while at Albany.  Now they know, and have reunited!  John Burrows, 1970 and Mike Downey, 1972 have been found and added to our database, thanks to Bob Downey, 1972,  Mike's brother.

A few more regrets have come in, so be sure to check out not only the latest registrants for the reunion, but those, too, who are not able to join us this year.  And, if you can contact any of these guys, extend a greeting of Potter Club fellowship to them.

Work is progressing on the resurrection of the Potter Club Song.  Soon you will be able to see and hear the music here.  Stay tuned!!

And, we are about to send a master CD of the membership database out for duplication.  Copies will be given out at the reunion as part of the reunion favor.  Copies will also be sent to all who have responded to the recent mailing, whether or not they are able to attend the reunion.

April 28The Committee met, 4/26, to finalize many details.  Some minor changes were made in the Schedule.  Check the latest on the link at the left.  We will break up the registrants into two groups for the Thursday tour.  People assigned to a given group will ride the same bus and AquaDuck, and travel through the AIHA as a group.  Everyone will be together for lunch.  The Friday tour of 415 will consist of three groups staggered in time by a half hour, starting at 9:30 A.M..  Your group designations will be shown on your name badge along with your table assignment and menu choice.

We have located another missing Potter Club President!  Ron Graves, 1958, lives in Rochester, NY, and eagerly looks forward to attending the Reunion.

Check a new page under the Reunion 06 Info link for a list of regrets received to date.

April 21 -  As you can see from the registration list in the link to the left we are gradually getting a party together!  The number of members as of this date having registered is 48 (total with spouses or guests is 80).  Emails and calls have been received from another 9 or 10 members, for a likely increase in the grand total of another 15.

If you have not yet registered, get your materials to us immediately.  The Local Committee will meet on Wednesday, April 26, to review all planning and to finalize numbers for the hotel and tour people.  We expect some members have not yet read the brochure, if they are still on winter vacation.  We will try to accommodate all who want to attend, but we cannot guarantee to be able to accept a registration after numbers have been given to the hotel and tour people.  If you have doubts, call or email any of the Committee members for the latest information.

Again, check the attendance list to check out who is coming.  If you do not see a name, give the person a call.  If you need a phone or email address, contact Jack (see below).  An email reminder was sent to all such members for whom we have a good email address.

April 15 -  Registrations are rolling in somewhat slowly.  Is yours in yet?  If you do not see the name of someone in the list of registrants who you believe is planning to attend, give him a shout to remind him to register.  The totals as of today are: 40 Members; 69 total attendance; 58 for the Thursday tour; 43 for the Friday tour of 415 State Street.  A couple of members may attend the Wednesday evening Welcome Reception.  A fee of $20 will be charged for that event alone, if you are not attending any of the other events.

April 3 -  Plans are moving along for the 75th.  A small committee has pulled all Albany yearbooks and scanned the Potter pages and many senior photos for pictures for the directory.  To date we have 738 "mug shots" of the 936 names we now have in the database.  During this process we found another 100+ members who had not previously been listed.

Registrations are arriving for the 75th.  Nineteen received so far.  Go to the Reunion 06 Info link at the left for a current list of registrants.

March 19 - The brochure for the 75th went into the mail on the 15th.  The printer was able to beat the printed sending date in the letter by 2 days!  Replies are still coming in from the January letter.  Keep them coming if you have not replied, yet.  The total received is about 150.  115 members are planning to attend with the grand total for attendance about 142.

We also know that several of you are traveling and probably have not seen either  mailing, but still plan to attend.  Our guess is that close to 150 members may plan to attend. 

Brochures will be mailed to anyone sending back a response to the January letter.
If you have not received the brochure, yet, go to the link at the left for the 75th Reunion registration Forms, hotel information and other links related to the reunion plans.

Paul Ward called to our attention the passing of John Ralph Tibbetts, 1942, Potter man, and long time University at Albany professor.  He died October 14, 2005 in Fairfax, VA.  Our belated condolences go out to his family.

March 4 -  As of the mail today we have received replies from 128 Pottermen.  Of these, 74 plan to attend the reunion. With spouses, the total for the banquet stands at 132.  We are aware that several very probable attendees have not replied, yet.  Many are still on Winter vacation and may not have seen the letter.  If you are among the missing, call or email us.  There has also been  a healthy response to the tour of 415 State Street, and for the Thursday Field Trips.

We have some shots for you of old Potter Houses.  Click on the link at the left for the views.  If you can help with more information, let us know.

Feb. 20 - Your replies are rolling in and it looks like we will have a great turnout for the 75th.  As soon as the mail subsides we'll have a summary of numbers for you here.  One person indicated he tried the link at the left to Chi Sig and got no where.  The site address was apparently changed, but the link should work now.  It is definite, we will be able to tour the old house at 415 State Street at reunion time.

January 30 - Newsletter is out!  You should be receiving our newsletter, soon, if not already.  This mailing summarizes what was learned from the survey mailed to Pottermen last February.  That survey is available in the link at the left.  A data sheet for each person is enclosed in the newsletter.  This data sheet asks you to update the information we have on you, including the summary of your life since Albany.  It is important to edit the content carefully.  We want to be able to publish the information in a directory just as you have written it.  Also on the data sheet is a request for your intentions regarding attending the 75th Anniversary Reunion

Planning Meetings:  Since October, the Albany Group held meetings on October 19; November 16; was snowed out December 9, but met with me in Oneonta on December 10; and had the most recent meeting on January 25.  Significant progress has been made with the Reunion Plans at each of these gatherings.  Some of the details are hinted at in the newsletter. See more Planning Info at the link to the left.

Howard Lynch, President, 1943, has come up with the essence of the Potter Club Song ("Rise up men, our pledge to renew"... Remember it?)  We are trying to get the melody tweaked along with the words, and computerize the whole thing.  When we are ready to trot it out you will be able to read the score and listen to the melody here on the web site.  If you have any documentation about this or other Potter material (Drinking song?  Initiation ceremony?  Pledge book contents, etc) let us know.

Jim Sweet, President, 1956, has agreed to arrange for a Reunion reenactment of our formal initiation ceremony.  We expect we will involve the past presidents in attendance, and other early members of the Club who represent our cherished heritage as the core to conduct the ceremony.  It should be a memorable experience.

Merchandise:  The survey showed some interest in certain kinds of apparel personalized with the Potter insignia.  We will have a list available at the left, soon, with sizes available and pricing.  If you can order prior to the Reunion and take delivery at the reunion we can save you some shipping costs.  Stay tuned for more details.  Immediately available are;  Golf Shirts, Sweat Shirts, and Golf Caps..