Potter Club Alumni Association 2007 Regrets, as of 11/10/2007
The following regret they will not be able to join us at Cooperstown, but send their best wishes.
 We also regret these persons are unable to attend. 
Contact them, if you can, to help keep everyone informed of Potter Club Alumni Association activities.

Richard L Margison 1936 Jamesville NY 315-446-4146 margisonr@odyssey.net  
Richard C Lonsdale 1939 St. Augustine FL 904-940-0500   Can't attend.  Thanks for reviving Potter Club.
Kenneth J. Haser 1940 Bethesda MD 301-530-7574    
Stanley Kullman 1940 McGraw NY 607-836-6838    
Charles J Quinn 1941 Troy NY 518-272-8509   Unable to attend.  Wife in Nursing Home.  Heavy expenses.
G. Bertram Kiley 1944 Belle WV 304-925-9103    
*Allan P Terho 1944 Pittsford NY     Alan's wife, Eloise, sent regrets at Alan's passing
Richmond Young 1944 Delmar NY 518-439-7305 ricyou1@verizon.net Sorry.  Prior Commitment
Eugene McLaren 1945 Poestenkill NY 518-283-6962 em4452@att.net  
John F Dooley 1948 Greenlawn NY 631-261-2984    
John A Moore 1949 Woodstock VT 802-457-3748   Will not be able to attend.  Regards to Paul Ward.
Nolan L Powell 1949 Ontario NY 315-524-8971 nlp2849@msn.com Unable to attend
Lucian Bernard 1950 Plattsburgh NY 518-563-6151    
Benjamin A Jackson 1950 Silver Spring MD 301-460-9194 drbenjax@aol.com  
Paul D. Bullock 1951 Monroeville PA 412-372-5870 bullockpd@comcast.net  
Kenneth H. Ludlum 1951 Beacon NY 845-831-4272 kenhlud@aol.com  
Robert J. Umholtz 1951 Albany NY 518-482-2013    
David E. Wetherby 1951 Texarkana TX 903-792-4418 djweth@aol.com  
Robert W Bell 1952 Bath PA 610-837-0995    
Arnold Dansky 1952 Queensbury NY 518-792-3460   Ill health
Bert Jablon 1952 Syosset NY 516-921-5174    
Robert G Jacoby 1952 Prospect KY 502-228-1587    
Robert P. Lanni 1952 Guilderland NY 518-456-6926 robertlanni@msn.com Bob suffered a heart attack on 9/29/07 and is recovering in the hospital.  They send their regards
David E Manly 1952 Geneseo NY 585-243-2262 demgeneseo@aol.com Commitments
George J. Schaertl 1952 Shortsville NY 585-289-8777 gschaert@rochester.rr.com  
David M Shepard 1952 San Diego CA 858-485-6212    
Vincent J Aceto 1953 Clifton Park NY 518-371-7683 vaceto1@nycap.rr.com Will be in Prague.
Douglas T Adamson 1953 Albany NY 518-456-4569 dadamson@capital.net  
Edward T Bonahue 1953 Pittsboro NC 919-545-9053 edlynb@earthlink.net Sorry, can't attend.
Ralph L.  Jerue Jr 1953 University Park FL 941-355-1803 jeruejr@comcast.net  
Michael J.  LaMarca 1953 Rochester MN 507-286-1259 sallyjim8_54@mac.com I hope someday to visit you all and the Potter Room.
Arthur Weigand 1953 Saint Helena Island SC 843-838-9032   Will not attend this year.
Benjamin Button 1954 Amsterdam NY 518-842-2444 jabrn223@aol.com  
*James A.
Lynn R.
Siesta Key
San Gabriel
626-458-5410 lyachlewis@aol.com  Jim's wife, Linda, sent regrets at Jim's passing
I've had to cancel my plan to attend.  Maybe next year.
George H.  Wood  1954 Bronxville NY 914-961-3032 vw1967bug@aol.com Unable to attend
P. William Lindberg 1955 The Villages FL 352-753-3042 pvlindberg@thevillages.net In FL
David R.
John M
Saratoga Springs
Robert A. Sage 1955 Lakewood NY 716-763-6876 bsagelakewoodny@webtv.net Unable to Attend. Too many visitors from the South.
Erwin Horwitz 1956 University Park FL 941-355-3443 eandshe@aol.com  
William A.  LaBarr 1956 Boynton Beach FL 561-733-1117 w_labarr1956@bellsouth.net Will not be able to attend.
James A. Sweet 1956 Gowanda NY 716-532-3525 mjsweet@verizon.net Won't attend due to conflict.
La Crescent
John R. Rookwood 1957 Charlestown RI 401-364-0039 jrok74@verizon.net Regrets.  Trip too long for one night.
Peter A Barbagelata 1958 Saratoga Springs NY 518-581-3930 barbapa@compuserve.com  
Louis J DelSignore 1959 Clifton Park NY 732-936-9660 LDelsig@aol.com May be moving at that time.
Richard S Willis 1959 Baltimore MD 410-207-9189 drwonderfuli@yahoo.com  
Carl G Eppelmann 1960 Albany NY 518-489-6352 ceppelma@nycap.rr.com  
Spencer Herbst 1960 Pine Plains NY      
Douglas A. Penfield 1960 Piscataway NJ 732-828-4284 dougpen@rci.rutgers.edu  
Donald R Cohen 1961 Guilderland NY 518-456-2499 donrcohen@aol.com  
Roger E Quackenbush 1961 Land O Lakes FL 813- 929-9198 rogquacken@yahoo.com Wish I could attend.  Was born in Cooperstown.
Carl F Herman 1962 Rotterdam NY 518-355-1908    
Henry Maus 1962 Canandaigua NY 585-394-7774 hmaus@rochester.rr.com Involved with a NYS Council for the Humanities Erie Canal Project.
Franz K. Zwicklbauer 1962 Altamont NY 518-355-5663 ffzwick@aol.com  
Albert R Ciejka 1963 Saratoga Springs NY 518-584-3012 aciejka@nycap.rr.com  
Gary M. Penfield 1963 Greenville RI 401-949-2365 gpenfield@ric.edu  
Robert M. Fairbanks 1964 Portville NY 716-933-7540 rmfairbanks@roadrunner.com Unable to attend.
John E Lilga 1964 Sharpsburg MD 301-432-2276 jlilga@earthlink.net  
Anthony J Macaluso 1964 East Moriches NY 631-878-0259    
William J Murphy 1964 Big Canoe GA 770-364-6306   Regret unable to attend due to conference.
Roger E Ritzmann 1964 Johnstown NY 518-762-3448    
Rex S.  Ruthman Esq 1964 Delmar NY 518-475-9088 ruthman@nycap.rr.com  
David C Lebleu 1965 Speonk NY 631-325-1791 dlebleu_11972@yahoo.com  
Charles J Moden 1965 Buffalo NY 716-652-1329    
Donald S. Kisiel 1966 Shoreham NY 631-821-1851 kisield@sunysuffolk.edu Family developments preclude attending.
Thomas E Jones 1967 Fall River Mills CA 530-336-5042 runtomrun@shasta.com  
Frank H.  Penski Esq 1967 New York NY 212-260-5164 fpenski@nixonpeabody.com  
Richard Szymanski 1967 Liverpool NY 315-451-7728   Traveling in Europe
Gerald M.  Leggieri 1968 Valatie NY 518-784-3935 montcalm@earthlink.net  
Kenneth J Walker 1968 Ithaca NY 607-273-7247 kwalker1@twcny.rr.com  
Michael P Judge 1970 Waterford NY 518-237-8111 mjudge2@nycap.rr.com  
Timothy S Carey 1974 Montrose NY 914-737-8804 careyt@bpcauthor.org  
David B.  Porter Jr 1976 Cazenovia NY 315-655-9120 dbporter@dreamscape.com   
Kevin J Kelly 1978 Garden City NY 516-248-8755 kellykj@optonline.net  
Julius C Picardi 1979 Floral Park NY 516-488-3592  jpicardi@verizon.net Will not be able to attend.
Clifford D. Ferguson 1980 West Nyack NY 845-358-3564