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2006 Reunion 75th Anniversary Wetherby and Blackman

Dave Wetherby, `51 and Joe Blackman, `66, traveled the greatest distance to attend the Reunion.
You can figure out how far each traveled by using your new membership directory to find where they came from, then use Google maps or MapQuest to find the distances from their homes to 1228 Western Avenue, Albany, NY, site of the Reunion. There will be a prize for the first to get the distances correct!

Fran Streeter submitted his entry for the contest. He says they traveled: Dave Wetherby Traveled 1,468.61 miles. Bob Blackman traveled 1,809.00 miles.
Let's hear a big cheer for the winner of the contest, Fran Streeter.
The prize, to be determined, will be awarded at the 2007 Reunion, if not sooner.

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